Cocoon Float Spa has the most advanced Detox Sauna that exists today!


The TRANSCEND INFRARED SAUNA is recommended by more MDs and other health practitioners than any other sauna. Here is why…



Poplar is the superior wood of choice in saunas for health-minded people.  Poplar wood does not out-gas any chemicals or have strong, objectionable odors making it superior to cedar, spruce, hemlock, and basswood for individuals addressing health needs related to toxicity or those with allergies, chronic disease, or chemical sensitivities. Poplar is the wood recommended by toxicologists for clinical or home use of therapy saunas used for medical purposes.



There is no point in exposing yourself to EMF if you don’t have to. Virtually all other infrared saunas expose you to high magnetic fields, high electric fields, and if that wasn’t enough, some saunas even have WiFi or Bluetooth transmitters in them. Even the so-called “ultra low” EMF saunas do nothing to lower the high electric fields in them.

The Transcend Infrared Sauna will expose you to the LOWEST total level of EMF of any sauna available.

Magnetic Field Mitigation

  • Transcend saunas have both heaters and internal wiring with magnetic field mitigation
  • Lowest maximum magnetic fields of any sauna available (this is what counts!)
  • Average magnetic fields over the bench are so low as to be negligible
  • No DC or static magnetic fields (other companies simply move their magnetic fields to DC so they do not show up in typical measurements)

Electric Field Mitigation

  • Transcend saunas have both heaters and internal wiring with electric field mitigation
  • The heaters have no electric field by design. Not just low, we mean ZERO.
  • Thanks to the heater’s double shielding, even the outside of your sauna is shielded from electric fields


  • No Wifi or Bluetooth transmitters in the sauna to expose you to high frequency EMF.



The infrared heaters in the Transcend Sauna are famous for their proven detoxification, high reliability, and high power efficiency.  In addition to detoxification, these infrared heaters are known for cardio-vascular benefits, pain relief, relaxation, skin health, and aiding in weight-loss among other things. The heaters do not emit near infrared so you do not need to worry about any of the risks associated with near infrared, such as harm to your eyes.



The Transcend Sauna maximizes oxygen and minimizes carbon dioxide in the cabin. This may seem like a small feature, but in the enclosed space of a sauna, carbon dioxide levels do rise rapidly and it is important to keep the body in balance to maximize the body’s ability to detoxify itself. Without a fan, the stuffy air in other saunas can contribute to a feeling of claustrophobia.

Infrared Sauna Benefits