Floating FAQs

No Worries

Do I need to bring anything for the float session?

No, just yourself. Towels, earplugs and hygiene products are provided.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

People with claustrophobia typically report no problems with floating. You are always in control of your environment; you can leave the tank open or get out at anytime.

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No. Some people fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant you stay afloat. The worst that can happen is getting a bit of salt water in your eyes. We provide a bottle of fresh water and a small towel at your reach to rinse off the salt water.

Do I need to prepare in any way?

No. Floating is easy! The only precaution we advice is that you not shave at all on the day of your float session and that you not have any open cuts or wounds.

Please read the How it Works section.

How are the tanks kept clean?

The high saline content of the floatation environment plus our 24/7-filtration system with UV and Ozone, ensure that nothing harmful can survive within the tank. The water in the tank is automatically filtered between each customer and during the night when the Spa is closed. We also require all customers to shower before and after each float session.

I’m pregnant. Can floating harm my baby?

Floating cannot harm your baby. In fact, women in advance stages of pregnancy probably get more relief from the float tank than anyone else. Just lying on a bed can be extremely uncomfortable for women in the later stages of pregnancy. The float tank provides a wonderful haven for pregnant women.

Will floating complement other treatment modalities?

Many health care professionals have found flotation to be a valuable addition to various treatment modalities. Often the effects of a treatment can be amplified, and healing accelerated. If you float before a treatment, you may be more receptive. If you float after, you may experience a deeper float.

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